How can brands evolve their marketing amid Covid-19

In the world of business, the Covid-19 continues to lay waste to virtually every industry leaving company resources and variables in shambles. As the scale of the pandemic reaches on an unsettling level, the business as usual stock phrase no longer rings true. Taking that into account, many brands are compelled to revise their marketing plans and adapt their strategies if they are to stay afloat.

In the midst of it all, we should tailor our marketing to cater to the changing consumer needs, online habits and the way they socialise as well as their purchasing habits. Here are some marketing techniques that you can do to successfully deliver your message across.

Virtualise your events

Brands are being forced to ditch in-person events, workshops, seminars, and conferences due to following safety and health protocols such as physical distancing and crowd avoidance. Most businesses are bringing their focus on leveraging the power of social media, online tools and software to run their digital events.

Adobe went virtual to push through the Adobe Summit 2020. Microsoft cancelled its MVP Awards event and used a cloud software to get the show running. Facebook live-streamed its F8 conference to celebrate its community of developers.

These are some of the renowned brands that embraced a virtual-event mindset since the pandemic broke out. When circumstances challenge us, we should know how to formulate the next game plan to keep everything up and running.

Create online resources and give free access to paid content

Create and build content that is informative, useful, and that resonates to the new landscape. Invest your time in developing resources that will provide better value to your existing and potential customers.

Make a training guide, a video tutorial or explainer video, an online manual. At a time where people’s purchasing power was crippled, providing educational content for free or at a discounted price is the best way to go to bring your brand in front of your target audience. By the time the Covid situation subsides, you’ve already acquired a market that is willing to pay for your products and services.

Provide a stellar customer experience

Businesses are putting their best foot forward and are hyper-focused on polishing their customer experience to keep their audience happy and satisfied.

Be proactive when it comes to social media community management — respond to queries in a timely manner, be helpful, and provide solutions. You may also set up automated responses so that your audience will feel attended to no matter the time of the day.

Fix your website to give smooth and more streamlined navigation. Send gift hampers or provide a free consultation to your most loyal customers

After all, retention is the new acquisition; helping is the new selling; customer experience is the new marketing.

Get smart with ad campaigns

Nowadays, news outlets are drowning out sales-y content on social media. People are becoming tone-deaf when it comes to business pitches. Because of this, sales growth has hit an all-time low.

Fewer funds are being spent on advertising efforts. That is why brands should be getting smart with their campaigns in terms of overall strategy and budget allocation to maximise their sales and lead generation potential.


Tweak and adapt your marketing strategies based on the social and economic changes as you see fit. These can act as your springboard for survival and put your business in a vantage point so it could bounce back after the pandemic situation mellows down.

If you are struggling to give your business an edge in these challenging times, we can help you to pick up the pieces and get back on track.



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