If up until now your business doesn’t fully realise the true power of TikTok marketing, then you’re deliberately let- ting the big fish get away.

The popularity of TikTok spread like wildfire with 1 billion monthly active users to date. The amount of unique, creative, and engaging content shared daily snowballs like crazy reaching a nice mix of audiences within and beyond the platform itself. Many brands especially small, local ones find it almost impossible to achieve virality on other social media spheres despite exerting a great deal of effort... but on TikTok it’s just a stone’s throw away.

All you need is a little dose of spontaneous creativity, a handful of pixie dust, and magic ensues. Here are THE reasons why your business should leverage TikTok and turn it into a marketing machine if you are to grow your business on all fronts:

1. Discoverability is phenomenal

TikTok was built where its algorithm centres aro und users’ interests, unlike on other social sites where content will only be served by the people you follow or those within your social circle. Brands are reaping the benefits of an interest-based algorithm because they would be able to reach a vast demographic without the common pre-requisite of having a large following.

2. It generates astronomical organic engagement

Because the social platform heavily focuses on what we like rather than who we like, it provides us with a nev- er-ending stream of relevant content. As a result, users are more likely to celebrate what’s hot through the spirit of co-creation and sharing. If a brand launches a campaign that ends up to be highly engaging, the TikTok community would be recreating the same post, producing a ripple effect where everyone rides the wave.

3. Brand lift takes off

What happens when you combine sky-high discoverability and engagement together? Your brand is ready for take-off! Consider TikTok as a golden goose and your business would just lie in the corner getting fat on gains.

Figuratively speaking, TikTok walks through people at every stage of the customer journey making it a crucial part of your marketing and advertising strategies. If you’re planning to improve brand awareness and develop affinity with your customers, then you already know by now where to go.

4. Diversified and unique audiences

As opposed to other social media websites, TikTok’s offer of unduplicated users is what makes it rise above the rest. People are consuming videos right on the platform giving brands the vantage point to connect with their target market.

This is very important especially for advertisers because they were afforded the opportunity to laser-target interested people who put value on the products and services that they promote. Your total spend is maximised, you cater to your best customers, and you get rid of the bottom-feeders. It’s a win-win situation.

Additionally, TikTok is the ground zero for creative, trendsetting posts which also means that it is the best place for crossing content over multiple channels like on Facebook and Instagram.

Vertical videos, on TikTok in particular, have the power to transform your brands in ways that you can’t imagine. You just have to carefully plan and strategise to get the most of it — or you can hire a digital agency like Glimpse to do all the hard work for you.

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