Social media is constantly evolving and producing new opportunities to build a deeper connection with the audience. As of 2022, we say goodbye to the simple updates and hello to growing digital communities. Moreover, we predict further improvements on the previously introduced trends and greater established ideas making a mere concept into a reality.

Some of the trends that we have seen take off so far this year are:

1. Creators

With the popularity of short vertical videos on TikTok, Reels on Instagram, and Short on Youtube we’ve noticed that people not only interact more with this bite-sized form of content but also turn into creators themselves.

There has been a massive growth in the creator economy due to the prevalent tools allowing them to communicate with the audience and collaborate with brands.

With respect to B2B strategies, marketers have begun to invest in this social media strategy. They can effectively interact with their users through creators as they generate engagement and have a well-established presence on social media.

2. Personalisation

Over the years, a touch of personality is still king as compared to automated messaging. Marketers must aim to interact with their users on a personal level and channel their human side. Create more relatable content, use storytelling to your advantage, show the audience that you are listening to their needs and are here to deliver.

Another way to approach this strategy is by putting the people before the profit and the latter will follow.

3. NFTs

Although NFTs were first introduced in 2014, it wasn’t until 2021 that the concept earned its breakthrough. And we see this novel idea heading into an upward direction. With the success of the auctioning off the first NFT, brands began incorporating it into their marketing strategy.

Some of the well-known brands that have released NFT collectables include McDonalds, Taco Bell, Gucci, and Ray-Ban. These brands rolled out highly collectable NFTs which were given away mainly through the bidding system while some brands like Clinique opted for a competition. The money raised from auctions were later donated to charities and other organizations supporting a good cause to raise the company’s reputation and contribute to their CSR.

As a result of generating a considerable amount of success from capitalising on NFTs it prompted other brands to follow in their path.

4. AR and VR campaigns

AR and VR campaigns will allow the customers to get an accurate visual of the product and a well-rounded experience, thereby allowing brands to boost their customer’s experience and engagement.

5. Social eCommerce

Social eCommerce will be more prevalent than ever and is predicted to dominate the social realm. Customers spend an ample amount of their time on social media so it’s a perfect platform for discovering new products and experiences.

The integration of online store into social channels streamlines customers’ shopping experience from the moment they set their eyes on a product up to the final check out. A fuss-free purchasing process easily turns cold prospects into hot leads and into buying customers. It is a strategy that actually sells.

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