If you want to verify a brand on Facebook and Instagram you need to:

  1. Have a Facebook account manager assigned to you.
  2. Ask that account manager to make a request on your behalf.
  3. there is a certain criteria for your verification on Facebook (more than a certain number of followers, other pages same as yours are being created using your name and logo, clean account no copyright violations….)
  4. Even though Instagram is owned by Facebook your account manager will ask you to send a direct email to the Instagram team to request a verification. (Instagram team never answers)
  5. Do send an email to Instagram because I’m almost sure that a couple of days after you are verified on Facebook the same will happen on Instagram (Then again this is not guaranteed).

To get a Facebook Account Manager assigned to you it’s required that you have a sizable amount of yearly spend on Facebook advertising

A couple of years ago Facebook had implemented an option active only in the US that allows you to apply for a verification directly from your page account. Not sure if this option is still active.

Instagram verification for a brand is pretty much associated with Facebook verification.

If all fails then your best option is to reach out to a big and established supportive brand and request their assistance with Facebook in order to get your verification

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